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2018 School Open Day Report

Date: 2018-06-15 Author: He Jiale Click: []

On June 13, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University held 2018 school open day. More than 2000 students and parents, visitors from different fields attended this activity. They visited the library, classrooms, laboratories, the auditorium, dormitory and sports facilities in the transitional campus. Also, visitors visited the permanent campus that will be put into use next year. The magnificent architectural complex and the Russian-style main building amazed the visitors, and they marveled at “Shenzhen speed”.

At 9:45, student admission seminar began. Host Cui Jian, director of school office, first invited Rector Zhao Ping to introduce the basic information and development history of our school.

Rector Zhao Ping introduced school running principle and school scale, with detailed explanation of the school characteristics of “state level, uniqueness, elite, high quality”.

Vice rector Tarasov introduced the basic information of Moscow University and teaching arrangements.

Party secretary Lu Wanwei introduced the construction progress of permanent campus and scholarship and grants policy.

Material Science and Engineering of Class 2017 student Jia Zhongyu, the representative of 113 undergraduates, shared her own feeling of one-year study life in SMBU and invited prospective students to join SMBU.

Parents representative Yang Baoguang said, the college entrance examination (known as Gaokao) is not only a test for students, but also a test for families that play important roles in selecting the right school. He reminisced that after thorough study and comparisons, he strongly advised his child to choose SMBU. One-year experience proves his decision right: school leaders and teachers communicate with students frequently so each student gets attention, which is the best example "elite education".

Student admission director, Professor Han Baoling introduced 2018 student admission policy for undergraduates and teaching-related issues in the school.

After the seminar, students and parents raised questions to admission officers and faculty staff from different departments.

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