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The Board of Directors of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University Holds Inauguration Ceremony in the University Campus

Date: 2018-11-02 Author: Cui Jian Click: []

On the afternoon of October 31st, 2018, the board of directors of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University (herein referred to as “the University”) holds an inauguration ceremony in the campus, declaring the appointment of Fang Daining, a CAS Member and Vice President of Beijing Institute of Technology as the Honorary Rector of the University and the appointment of Professor Tang Shuiyuan as the Acting Rector of the University.


The list of attendees of the inauguration ceremony is as follows. Shakhray, Chairman of the University’s Board of Directors. Wang Lixin, Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal Government and Vice Chairman of the University’s Board of Directors. Zhang Jun, President of Beijing Institute of Technology. Gao Shan, Member of the University’s Board of Directors. Xu jianling, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Education of Shenzhen Municipality. Tarasov, First Acting Vice Rector of the University. Lu Wanwei, Vice Rector and Party Secretary of the University. Representatives from the University’s faculty members and students.

After the ceremony, Deputy Mayor Wang Lixin conducts on-site research in the University.

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