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Academician Hu Haiyan initiates “Master’s Forum”and talks about cross-culture studies

Date: 2017-09-22 Author: He Jiale Click: []

In order to enrich students’ cultural knowledge and improve their comprehensive quality, “Master’s Forum”, as the series of activities in Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, was officially initiated. At the night of 12 September, rector of BIT and academician of CAS Hu Haiyan, was invited as the first speaker in the forum, and he gave a keynote report onCross-culture Studies


Academician Hu Haiyan talked in three aspects, “World Vision”, “Russia in My Eyes” and “How to Learn in Cross-cultural Context”, hoping students “learn by cross-cultural concept, live with cross-cultural mindset, experience diversified culture and discern future world.”


Academician Hu Haiyan pointed out that rather than worshipping a single type of culture, we should integrate splendid cultures from all across the world and incorporate them into a brand new creative power. He believed Russia is a great nation with its consistent and enduring traditions in the attitude towards knowledge, science and mathematics, which is worth pursuing by current Chinese intellectuals.  He also emphasized that “learning a language is always hard first but enjoyable later, we should be confident in cross-cultural communication and make relevant comparisons when needed; the improvement of one’s quality should be practiced diligently." In the end, academician Hu Haiyan answered questions about academic rigor, language learning, theoretical learning and extracurricular practices.

After hearing academician’s report, students expressed that they had learned and benefited much from it, and understood the importance of world vision, cultural respect, and confidence in one’s culture to cross-culture learning, and better understood the historical mission and responsibility they shoulder and the importance of the combination of theory and practice.

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