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SMBU's unique features

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With the aim of training leading professionals in various fields, SMBU offers undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs as well as non-diploma programs to current and prospective students. In the long run, SMBU expects to fulfill its capacity of 5000 students with the undergraduates-to-graduates ratio reaching 1:1. SMBU started to enroll undergraduate and graduate students in 2017 and PhD students in 2018.

Chinese, Russian and English are the teaching languages at the University. SMBU adopts the “6:3:1 Evaluation Model” for the admission of Chinese undergraduate students, which is distinctive from basing the evaluation solely on the National College Entrance Exams. Upon admission into the University, freshmen will be registered as both the students of MSU and SMBU.

In accordance with the relevant regulations and agreements, qualified undergraduate students will be conferred the diplomas of MSU as well as the education certificates and diplomas of SMBU, while graduate and PhD students of SMBU will receive degrees from MSU.