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SMBU students gain great results in MCM/ICM contest

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Recently, the results of the 2020 MCM/ICM were officially announced, and Shenzhen MSU-BIT Universitygained fruitful results with1 Meritorious Winner, 2 Honorable Mention, and 4 Successful Participant(awards).It was the first timeSMBU participated in an international mathematical modeling competition and achieved good results.

Certificates for the 2020 MCM/ICM Meritorious Winner and Honorable Mention

First held in 1985 by COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications) the MCM/ICM contest is the only international and most influential mathematical modeling contest around the world. Being the first of its kind, the contest attracts more than 1,000 colleges and universities from more than 20 countries and regions around the world every year.

The competition this year has attracted 20,948 teams (13,749 for MCM and 7,199 for ICM) from top universities around the world including Cambridge University, Imperial College, Columbia University, Cornell University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Xi’an Jiao Tong University.

Affected by the COVID-19pandemic, the contest this year was divided into 2 four-day sessions, whichwereheld on February 13-17, 2020 and March 5-9, 2020 respectively. The participating teamschoseone out of sixtopicsto complete a thesis on the analysis and modeling of the task. The taskwas designed to assessstudents’all-round abilities for that it requiredcompetence inmathematical modelingand academic writing skills in English language.

Screenshotof one of the participating students

The University has attached great significance to the contest and been highly supportive to the participating students. Since students were not able to return to the campus under the influence of COVID-19, to improve the performance of participating students, SMBU faculties including Zhang Ye (associate professor), Liu Wei and Xu Chen hadconducted online mentoring on the contest.

Besides the MCM/ICM contest, SMBU encourages her students to participate in other academic competitions. The University has long regarded academic competition as an important channel of education and provided all-round support to students who want to participate.In the future, the University will continue to promote innovation and research in the education of interdisplinary students who are versed in both applied mathematics and computer technology, facilitating reform and academic development of the University.

Congratulations and thanks to the students who achieved great results and their instructors!

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