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2022 Bachelors Admission Procedures

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Step 1: Submitting an application

To remotely submit an application, the applicant needs to fill out an electronic application form, which can be downloaded from the link, and send it along with a photo or scan of the completed consent to the processing of personal data to the e-mail of the admissions committee:

Deadline for the registration: 23:59 on Beijing time, July 10, 2022.

In order to complete the application by July 10, the following documents are needed:

— a color scanned copy of the document on previous education (certificate and its appendices)

— a color scanned copy of the identity and citizenship document

— if you have a document certifying your identity and citizenship outside the country of citizenship (passport), please also send a color scanned copy

— a scan copy of a 3x4 cm color photo made on a white background, without a headdress, taken in 2022.

A confirmation letter on the receipt of the application will be sent after your submission (in the period from 01.07 to 10.07.2022)

Step 2: Entrance tests

Admission to the study programs in SMBU is made on a competitive basis with the entrance tests. The list of exams that must be passed to participate in the competition for bachelor's degree programs of interest for Russian citizens is given here, for foreign citizens – here.

Citizens of Russia get the entrance qualification according to the results of the internal entrance test and the results of the Unified State Exam, citizens of other states – according to the results of two internal entrance tests.

Information about the exams will be posted on the SMBU Internet resources: and

The result of the exam can be considered successful if the score obtained is higher than the established minimum score, or not successful otherwise. The minimal score for entrance tests for applicants is established by the Russia federal executive authority exercising control and supervision functions in the field of education:

Math – 39; Literature – 40; Foreign language (English) – 30; Biology – 39.

(other limitations for Russian Unified State Exam score could be requested in admission committee).

After the successful completion of the entrance tests, the applicant participates will be in the admission ranking process.

Step 3: Ranking lists

After the entrance exams (and receiving the results of the Russian Unified State Exam – for Russian citizens), applicants who have successfully passed the entrance tests are included in the competitive lists ranked in descending order of the number of points scored at the entrance tests.

After the publication of the competition lists, applicants are given a limited time to submit an application for consent to enroll and conclude a training contract. Information about the fact of submitting such an application and concluding a contract is reflected in the tender lists. On the last day of application submission, the competition lists are fixed and those applicants who have scored the highest number of points, submitted an application for consent to enrollment and signed a training contract, within the estimated enrollment size, are submitted for enrollment.

Depending on the real situation, the admissions committee may decide to transfer unclaimed places from one competition to another.

Step 4: Enrollment

After the end of the acceptance of applications for admission and the conclusion of contracts, the Central Admissions Committee of the Moscow State University prepares and issues orders for the enrollment of applicants who have passed the entrance tests among the students of Lomonosov Moscow State University. At the same time, new MSU students enrolled in the programs implemented by MSU at the SMBU will also enroll as a student at the SMBU.

After the issuance of enrollment, new students can receive certificates of the MSU student status and MSU student ID card.

Step 5: Visa Support

Since the training is conducted on the territory of the People's Republic of China, new students must obtain the documents necessary to enter China as students. The SMBU will provide necessary visa support materials and submit information about new students to the relevant government authorities of China.

To process the necessary documents, the SMBU in Shenzhen will collect the relevant documents from new students (passport, notarized translations of educational documents, certificate of medical examination, documents confirming the possibility of paying tuition, etc.)

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