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Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

The Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics has established a team of high-level faculty members dedicated to their jobs with rich teaching experience. All full-time teachers have obtained qualifications to teach in Russian universities. In recent years, teachers of the department have published nearly 200 papers on international journals, and many of them have won various awards from the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics is the first program offered by theFacultyof Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, which highlights the inter-disciplinary characteristics featuring both mathematics and computer science in student training, and aims to equip them with a solid mathematical foundation, proficient computer skills and relatively high competency in English and Russian, so that they will become versatile professionals with a global vision.

Faculty of MaterialsScience

Built on quality educational resources of Moscow State University, theFacultyof Materials Science is dedicated to cultivating modern professionals. The program of Materials Science and Engineering is characterized by its multi-dimensional objectives and inter-disciplinary features, which incorporates traditional chemistry, physics, and mechanics courses with unique, modern and practical solid physical chemistry and materials science courses.

A major highlight of this program is that scientific research will be carried out in laboratories throughout the study. Research is a compulsory course from Semesters 3 to 7 in the department’s syllabus. Students will successfully complete various research projects with the help of the science tutors. This training mechanism helps cultivate versatile professionals in the field of materials science.

Faculty of Economics

Adhering to the philosophy of "student-oriented education for continuous and all-round development", theFacultyof Economics is characterized by its combination of theoretical learning and professional practical ability development, and aims to cultivate students' analytical capability and creative thinking.

Thefacultyadopts the teaching plan of its counterpart in Moscow State University, focusing on strengthening the teaching of basic disciplines, and developing students' mathematical analytic ability and creative thinking through progressive teaching methodology from the introductory phase to the transitional phase and eventually advanced courses.Leading teaching and research members, esteemed professors and experienced associate professors of Moscow State University have joined the Department of Economics of SMBU, offering the best teaching resources for the program’s undergraduate students.

Faculty of Biology

TheFacultyof Biology is dedicated to introducing quality educational resources from Moscow State University, cultivating international leading talent, and building a complete training system for high-caliber talent in biology all the way from undergraduate to graduate and PhD programs, with an aim to become a world-leading life science research center.

With a focus on soil environment, marine ecology, bio-medicine and nano-biotechnology, thefacultyemploys a comprehensive training methodology to equip the students with a solid academic foundation with the help of theFacultyof Biology of Moscow State University, the teaching and research institution with the best comprehensive strengths in biology in Russia and Europe at large, and its laboratories and observatories at various locations. On top of that, thedepartment pays attention to scientific literacy education and international cultural exchange skills, and helps students build their abilities in critical thinking, exploration and innovation, in order to increase both the academic proficiency and inter-disciplinary strengths in student development.

Faculty of Philology

TheFaculty of Philologyenjoys strong support from its counterpart in Moscow State University, which is among the top in QS World University Rankings. Thefacultyhas formed a comprehensive talent training system for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, and has achieved a series of fruitful results in discipline competitions, research personnel training and application of knowledge and skills .

Faculty of Philologyhas always been committed to improving quality of teaching and aims to impart the latest developments in Russian language and Russian literature. Adhering to the characteristics of authenticity and the combination of theory and practice, it is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of teaching in Russian linguistics and Russian literature. All language-related courses of thefacultyare taught by teachers from the Department of Languages of Moscow State University, offering students the most authentic Russian education.

Faculty of Engineering

TheFacultyof Engineering is built on the profound academic inheritance of Moscow State University in basic disciplines and the engineering application capabilities of Beijing Institute of Technology in communications engineering, computer technology, mechanical engineering, energy and power engineering, control technology and instruments, and industrial engineering, etc. Following the national development strategies and planning, the future development of thefacultyis charted based on the talent needs of Shenzhen and the wider Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in high-tech industries.

Thefacultyis staffed by a group of high-level teaching practitioners including professors from Moscow State University and Beijing Institute of Technology, as well as experts recruited globally. Currently, the department confers degrees in Electronic and Computer Engineering, with more programs to be launched in mechanical engineering, energy and power engineering, control technology and instruments, and industrial engineering, among others.