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Russian Language Center

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Since Russianlanguageisthemediumof teaching at Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, the Russian Language Center plays a unique role that prepares students of different faculties and grades to learn Russian language according to the syllabus of the center.

Teachers at Russian Language Center needs to finish teaching in 10 months to help students with zero language founations to get prepared for lectures in Russian language. At the end of first year,students should pass B1-level language test, a prerequisit for studying at Russian higher learning insitutions.

Under the syllabus framework, students shall not only grasp basic Russian, but also terminologies of their majors. To serve this purpose, Moscow State University compiled a syllabus and a series of textbooks specifically for SMBU students.The language teaching hours will be reduced after the first-year study. However, in the courses for degrees, Russian language teaching continues.

Besides regular teaching, Russian Language Center also arranges extracurricula actitieis like the weekly Russian Tea Party for students to learn about Russian culture. We also have different interest teams in which students can train their languages skills around different themes.

Teachers of the center actively take part in teaching and research excchanges. Then center publishes a collection of thesis by teachers from the center.