Development Plan
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Development Plan

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With enormous trust and high expectations from the leaders and societies ofthetwo countries, SMBU will strive for new achievements in the following 3 areasover the course of next 5 years amid challenges and opportunities.

1. Pick up development pace and elevate the quality of education in a comprehensive manner

Committed to becoming a world-class, international and comprehensive research university with distinctive characteristics, the University dedicates herself to the development of elite education as well as high-level research and innovation activities, so as to nurture high-caliber talent and achieving academic excellence for China-Russia strategic cooperation and regional economic and social development. Fulfilling the need of the national strategy, China-Russia cooperationas well asregional social and economic development, the University will,leveraging the academic strength of both MSU and BIT,develop programs that feature cutting-edge inter-disciplinary engineering technologies and disciplines in the area of fundamental science,forming acomplete training system all the way from undergraduate to graduate and PhD programs.

2. Recruit globally and build upaworld-class team of teachers

The University has started recruitment of global talent. Priority will be given to attracting teams led by globally esteemed scholars, leading professionals, and outstanding young teachers with an aim to build a world-class team of teachers.

3. Enhance scientific research capabilities and push forward the building of high-level scientific research platforms

SMBU will conduct scientific research in fields that are highly connected todevelopment of the countryand Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and speed up the process of laboratory building targeting world-leading basic research and cutting-edge technology development.The University hasalready establishedthe Joint Research Center for Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, the Russian-Sino Centre for Comparative Law, Research Center for Cutting-edge Interdisciplinary Technologies, and SMBU-Sistema General Laboratory. The Universityiscurrentlyon track toestablishJoint Research Center for Chemistry & Materials, Joint Research Center for Cutting-edge Science in Modern Biology and SMBU-Roscosmos General Laboratory in a bid to enhancecapability in scientific research.