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Five students win awards at national Math contest

Date: 2020-12-28 Author:  Click: []

Five students from Shenzhen MSU-BIT University won national awards at the annual Lanqiao Software and Information Technology Contest in December.

All of the five students, namely Chen Ran, Xu Lanxiao, Mu Jingyuan, You Jiangchuan and He Lexin, come from the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. In particular, Chen Ran and Xu Lanxiao won Excellence Award at the national finals and First Prize at the province-level contest while the other three students grabbed awards at Guangdong Province’s finals.

To help students better participate into the contests, teachers from the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics provided guidance and training to the candidates, which had won the University a title of Outstanding Organizing Unit.

The national contest was organized by China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics together with the Talent Exchange Center of Ministry of Industry and Informatization. The annul event is regarded as one of the most recognized national contest to assess college students’competence in Mathematics and Information Technology.

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