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International students put on Chinese shows to celebrate CNY

Date: 2021-01-13 Author: 汉语中心 Click: []

Distance can hardly stop SMBU international students from celebrating the coming Chinese New Year and their best wishes for the University’s better future in the new year. On January 8, an online CNY gala was organized by SMBU’s Chinese Language Center with dozens of international students putting on shows in Chinese language. The show was live broadcasted and watched by thousands.

Under the effect of the global pandemic COVID-19, the show was carried out through the online education platform ZOOM and a top-rated Chinese broadcasting website

Peter.N.Kalmykov, head of SMBU’s Academic Affairs Department delivered a speech before the show and thanked teachers from the Chinese Language Center for carrying out online Chinese courses for international students during the pandemic. He also wished that all of the international students could return to the campus as soon as possible.

The online gala started with freshman Gavrilikhin Daniil’s singing performance of a Chinese song. Students from different faculties put on Chinese talent shows including martial arts, rap, dancing, musical instrument performance and so on. In particular, a martial arts performance brought by Skorokhodov Gleb and a Soprano solo by Kuprekova Ekaterina had pushed the gala to its climax.

An online voting section was added to the gala where audience were invited to vote for their favorite performances. The audience eventually picked seven best performances.


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