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A delegation of Russian experts and scholars visits SMBU

Date: 2018-12-16 Author: Cheng Yiyang Click: []

Arranged by the Chinese Embassy in Russia, a delegation of Russian sinologists and professionals in the media visits SMBU on the afternoon of December 15th, 2018.

Acting Rector of SMBU, Professor Tang Shuiyuan holds talks with members of the delegation and give a brief introduction of SMBU. He says that by providing disciplines that fit into the strategic cooperation between China and Russian and building up research capability as soon as possible, SMBU aims to become a top-ranking university in the world. He also notes that besides introducing quality educational resources from MSU and BIT, SMBU will also recruit top-notch teachers and lecturers around the world. Scientists and teachers of high calibre are greatly welcomed to work in SMBU. Members in the delegation state that SMBU is an outstanding representation of the friendship between the people of China and Russia. A forerunner in China and Russia education and a channel for China-Russia cooperation. Members of the delegation believe that, in a few years’ time, SMBU can have graduates as excellent as those of MSU and BIT. Members of the delegation also wish SMBU a bright and successful future.

Then, The delegation visits the exhibition hall, square and takes a group photo in front of the main building at the SMBU permanent campus with the company of Cui Jian, Director of SMBU Office, and Nadezhkina Ekaterina, Deputy Director of SMBU Academics Department. Back to the SMBU transitional campus, members of the delegation visit the classrooms, flip through the textbooks written for SMBU students with great interest and talk to students of SMBU in a friendly manner.


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