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World-famous Tennis Player, Maria Sharapova, visits Shenzhen MSU-BIT University

Date: 2018-12-27 Author: Cui Jian Click: []

On a winter afternoon of December 27, 2018, the weather in Shenzhen is sunny and warm as spring. World famous tennis player and five-time Grand Slam singles champion Maria Sharapova visit SMBU and have cordial exchanges with teachers and students from SMBU.

In a good mood, Sharapova takes photos with her finger pointing to a gleaming five-pointed star at the top of the main building of SMBU. Then, she says: "as I played this tournament last year, we saw this huge building just behind the stadium going up and I was wondering what it was because I notice the star and I connect it to the University in Moscow. It happens to be an association with the University. Therefore, I am really happy to see it all built and new and I am proud to be here with a lot of the students. The building is beautiful and I think it is going to be an iconic a statue, an iconic building. What is inside represents a lot of the culture, literature, and education that so many students around the world strive for”.

Built with a strong Russian architectural style, the main building of SMBU is located at the permanent campus of the University in Longgang District, Shenzhen with a total of 21 floors and 156.4 meters in height. The construction of the permanent campus of SMBU is going smoothly and entering its last stage - interior decoration. In 2019, SMBU will move into its permanent campus according to schedule.

Sharapova gives a tennis ball with her autograph as a present to SBMU. In return, a set of porcelain titled "Pearl of the Sea" is given to Sharapova by SMBU. She also takes photos with the teachers and students of SMBU with great interests.

After the event, Sharapova accepts an interview with reporters from China Central Television and other media.

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