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SMBU Welcomes the Delegation of BUT

Date: 2019-03-01 Author: Cheng Yiyang Click: []

On February 28, 2019, a delegation of 5 people led by Professor Petr ŠTĚPÁNEK, Rector of Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic visited SMBU. Acting Rector Tang Shuiyuan welcome the delegation on the SMBU Transitional Campus and accompanied the delegation during their visit to SMBU achievement exhibition, language classroom and chemistry lab. During the meeting with the delegation, Acting Rector Tang Shuiyuan gave a detailed introduction of SMBU's features, current disciplines and vision on the University's development with the hope that both sides could establish a partnership and conduct in-depth cooperation in terms of exchanges.

During the meeting, Rector Petr ŠTĚPÁNEK introduced the disciplines, scientific research achievements and teaching activities of BUT. He said that the Brno University of Technology has strong R&D capabilities in fields such as electronic engineering, computer science, and information technology. The two Universities could conduct exchange activities of students and faculties starting from the realm of information technology. He was convinced that will become successful and have a bright future. SMBU Party Secretary Lu Wanwei and Acting First Vice-Rector Tarasov participated in the discussion of some topics. The Directors of Rector's Office, Department Human Resources and International Student Affairs also attended the meeting.

Background Information

Brno University of Technology

Located in central Europe, the boundary between Eastern and Western Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the top countries among comprehensive rankings in central Europe. It is the hub of theBelt and Road Initiative,connecting Europe and the Silk Road Economic Belt. It is also China’s financial, transportation and logistics center in Central and Eastern Europe.

Established in 1899 by Emperor Franz Joseph I, the Brno University of Technology (BUT) is Brno's oldest university. Today it offers high-quality studies in engineering, scientific, economic and artistic fields. With its 20 thousand students and 8 faculties, BUT is the nation's largest technical university. Focusing on science and research, the university now has five of its own research centers and being engaged in two centers of excellence. In recent years, BUT has been among the world's best universities, according to international rankings QS World University Ranking and THE World University Ranking. As an EU member, Brno University of Technology was the country's second university to receive both ECTS Label and Diploma Supplement certificate.

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