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SMBU signed MOU with AFK Sistema

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On December 22,an MOUbetween ShenzhenMSU-BITUniversity and AFK Sistema wassignedonline.The signing ceremony was presided over by First Vice Rector Sergey Shakhray and attended by AFK Sistema’s Chairman of BoardVladimir Yevtushenkov,SMBU RectorLi Hezhang,as well asrepresentatives of teachers and students ofthe University.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov,Chairmanof AFK Sistema,said inhis remarksthatthe companyis a major private investor into the real sector of economy, withassets coveringmore than10sectors. ThefocusofSistema’s investmentportfolioisonhigh-tech companies, including Russia’s largest telecommunicationscarrierMTS, microelectronics industry leader Element, as well asdevelopers and manufacturers insmart city, ground and airborne communications, space communications,navigation equipment,and drone solutions. Thecompanyhashad long-termcooperationwith China. The signing of thisMOUis not only of practical significance, but also of strategicimportance. It is hoped that throughfuturecooperation,bothparties will establish business connectionsin variousfields such as telecommunications, biotechnology, and venture capitalamong others,and build a bridge for the continuous exchange of knowledge and capabilities between the two countries in promising fieldssuch asmicroelectronics and theinternet ofthings, etc.

RectorLi Hezhang thanked Sistema on behalf of all faculty members and studentsfor its attention to student growth and career development, as well as its supportfortheUniversity's scientific research and technological innovation.He notedthatSMBUis ahigh-level research universityfounded in Shenzhenby the governments of China and Russiain collaboration withtwo prestigious universities. Carrying the glorious mission ofdevelopingtalent for theChina'sBelt and Road Initiative,the Universityis committed toofferingtop-notcheducation andqualityresearch and innovation activities, cultivating high-caliberinnovative talent for China-Russia strategic cooperation and regional economic and social development, andachieving academicexcellence.Sistema is a Russian publicly traded diversified holding companywith outstanding performance andprominentstrengths.Therefore, itis bound toprovidethe University’sgraduates with abeneficial platformtodemonstratetheir talents and makecareerachievements.

He addedthat the signing of theMOUis a major achievementthat keeps up with thetimes andlooks intothefuture. He believedthat thepartnershipbetween the twosides is a combination oftheir strengthensandthereforeis of positive and important significance. He sincerely hopedthatbothparties can strengthen personnel exchanges and cooperation, explore the establishment of student learning bases and excellent graduatesupplymechanisms,set upjoint laboratories,jointlyteachundergraduate,graduate, andPhDstudents,conduct research collaboration and technological R&D in electronics,IT, network, big data, materials, and biologyamong others, so as tocontribute to the development of the most cutting-edge scientific and technological fields of the two countries.

About AFK Sistema

AFK Sistema is a Russian publicly traded diversified holding companyserving approximately 150 million consumers in a variety of sectors includingtelecommunications, high-tech, banking, electronics and retail, wood processing, agriculture, real estate, hotel and tourism, medical services and biotechnology, etc.Founded in 1993,the company recorded arevenue of 656.9 billion rubles in 2019,withtotal assetsworth1.3 trillion rubles as of December 31, 2019.Sistem’s GDRsare traded on the London Stock Exchange withstock code"SSA"anditscommon stockhas beenapproved for trading on the Moscow Exchange under the ticker symbol "AFKS".

Themicrochip packagingandassembly plantof Mikron (owned byElementGroup),Russia's largestmicroelectronicsmanufacturer and exporter, has beensuccessfullyput intooperationin Shenzhen.Moreover,Sistemahas conducted investment cooperation in China through partnership withRussia-China Investment Fund,as well asscientific and commercial cooperationin modern medicine in collaboration withChinese biotechnology companies (such as CapitalBio Technology).


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